Some might get the pun that is the title; in a way I pity them. A monologue is a speech by one person to an audience, whereas a soliloquy is a speech by one person to himself. The famous ‘to be, or not to be’-speech from Hamlet is an example, as well as the ‘Is this a dagger which I see before me’-speech fro Macbeth.

The blogs I’ll write here will mainly be soliloquies; a madmen talking to himself. It will be about world events, both minor and major ones. I’ll be ranting, I mean giving my opinion on, Brexit, Trump, interesting novels, uninteresting novels, you name it. It’s nice for me to have a way of unloading my thoughts, hopefully it’ll be interesting to read. Perhaps it even finds some resonance.

I wonder what my first “commentary” will be about, I hope not to be too negative about things all the time. In paths untrodden I proceed.


One thought on “Is this a soliloquy which I see before me?

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